"Water safety is our guarantee", because we want to achieve what is the best to our consumers, and for their safety. OB Water Station is one of the best water stations here in Western Visayas the product that utilizes only the highest quality materials, manufacturing standard and strictest quality control measures. The water processed through 24 stages state of the art filtration system to assure the consumers that our products are clean and safe to drink.

Our Facilities

The water production has designed its facility to the high quality state of the art which can process and purified water into a colorless and free from objectionable taste and odor.

Our Products

When you avail our purified water delivery on your home or offices, you will be assured that you are working with a respectful employee who will bring you the most purified and best-tasting drinking water.

Contact Us

Should you need more information from us, visit our contact page for details and direction.